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AnthemGold mints first gold-backed cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency investors can back their digital tokens with gold.

Cryptocurrency investors will now be able to back their digital tokens with gold as AnthemGold mints new stablecoins.

AnthemGold offers a stable, cost-effective, convenient and secure way to buy, own and utilise physical gold electronically as a peer-to-peer store of value.

It now offers a 100% gold-backed cryptocurrency with all bars on video asset tokens available for purchase.


Anthem Blanchard, CEO, AnthemGold, said: “Our team is very excited to combine gold with a stablecoin, bringing the power of freedom of wealth movement and store of value stability to people all over the world.”

Grey Jabesi, Chief Visual Officer, added: “AnthemGold is a perfect hybrid for those who strongly believe in both physical assets like gold as well as the revolutionary potential of cryptocurrencies.”

The AGLD gold token will be the first gold stablecoin offered to US citizens as well as to residents of 174 countries.