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Comparitech names Japan top for cybersecurity in newly unveiled ranking

Japan, France, Canada and Denmark are the best countries for cybersecurity, according to Comparitech.

Consumer comparison site Comparitech has compiled a report on the best (and worst) countries for cybersecurity around the world, with Japan coming top.

Joining Japan in the top five were France, Canada, Denmark and the US. Japan had the lowest percentage of mobile malware infections in the report, while France was among those with the most up-to-date legislation for cybersecurity. Denmark was noted to have the lowest percentage of computer malware infections as well as the lowest percentage of attacks by crypto miners.

Singapore (which was 10th best overall) was named best prepared for cyber attacks, while the lowest number of financial malware attacks happened in the Ukraine – however the Ukraine was only ranked 40th most secure on the overall list.

60 countries were measured in total across seven criteria. The full report can be examined here.



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