CFO Innovation Forum Hong Kong

Nov 6 - Nov 7 | Hong Kong, 118 Nathan Rd

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The "Greater Bay Area" blueprint, that was recently made public, will develop 11 cities in Southern China - including Hong Kong and Macau - into a world-beating innovation hub with a US$1.5 trillion economy to rival those of San Francisco and Tokyo Bay by 2035.

With a commitment of over HK$100 billion (US$12.7 billion) already being allocated, the area already forms the regional fulcrum to the Belt and Road Initiative. The size, economic potential and interconnectivity of the area will bring huge economic benefits to Hong Kong, creating unprecedented opportunities for a wide range of sectors.

In exciting time like these, how can CFOs leverage the opportunities to further stimulate new growth, enhance customer experience and create more intrinsic value for their enterprises? What financial planning strategies and policies should CFOs employ, to take full advantage of a large and integrated market? What can CFOs do to risk-proof their businesses against escalating uncertainties such as U.S.-China trade conflicts and how can they efficiently identify new trends in technological innovations to assist them tide over challenges?

Join us at the 10th CFO Innovation Hong Kong Forum 2019, #CFOIHK, where we gather more than 50 cross-industry finance experts, to share insights, as well as the latest trends and best practices in finance function - to navigate the changing business landscapes, explore new horizons and to drive agile competitiveness.

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Hong Kong, 118 Nathan Rd

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