London BlockChain Week 2020

Mar 4 - Mar 11 | undefined, undefined

About Event

Fintech Worldwide is hosting the 6th annual London Blockchain Week in 2020! Join us at London Blockchain Week for a series of events, workshops, hackathons, conferences, Meetups and more!

March 4th - Women in Blockchain Meetup

March 5th + 6th - London Blockchain Summit

March 7th + 8th - Hackathon Weekend

March 10th - Digital Asset Summit

London Blockchain Week 2020 - Fintech Magazine

Community Events

Throughout the week we encourage all community groups to take part and participate in Blockchain Week! We will be partnering with community groups and helping promote your event throughout the week! 

Come and learn how Blockchain can bring considerable added-value to business, relax over a glass of wine, network, share stories and insights with Blockchain novices and experts alike. There's something for everyone at London Blockchain Week.


Summit Key Topics

1. Global and Future Trends
2. Decentralised Finance - a mega trend
3. Digital Assets - What will be tokenized next?
4. Blockchain and Internet of Things 
5. Blockchain Marketplace is Open for Business.
6. How is Industry Deploying Blockchain? 
7. Creating Transformational Social Impact with Blockchain and Frontier Technologies
8. Will Governments transition to Blockchain? 


London BlockChain Week 2020

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