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The November issue of FinTech Magazine is out now!

Welcome to the November edition of FinTech magazine.

Covéa Insurance has more than 20 years’ experience of offering exceptional customer service and products. But, in this month’s cover story, Chief Procurement Officer Sylvie Noel makes it clear that the business isn’t willing to rest on its laurels.

In the seven years that Noel has held her role, the business has digitalised its procurement process, undergone a successful period of change management, and continued its quest for improved sustainability. Importantly, all of this has been carried out with a clear focus to put the customer at the centre of every decision.

Customer focus is at the heart of our lead feature this month. Specifically, we consider how the ongoing personalisation of financial services is not only changing the industry, but also the dynamic between incumbents and new players in the market. The flip side of increased personalisation and disparate products and services is, of course, a greater risk to data and security. With that in mind, we also analyse how companies must content with an increased demand for privacy and security while balancing the benefits that data-driven insight and analysis can bring.

Also, in this addition, we speak with leaders tasked with driving change at businesses including Envoy Mortgage, Partners Behavioral Health Management and IBL Together Mauritius among others.

Read the latest issue here