Craig Ulrick on culture-driven transformation

Craig Ulrick shares his views on the cooperative importance of technology and workplace culture in a corporate transformation

Craig Ulrick


Craig Ulrick, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Acumentis, states that his interest in IT started at a young age and has gone on to shape his entire career: “I've been in the game since I finished high school. After that, I went to the Australian Catholic University to study information systems.” Graduating with a BSc, Ulrick went on to become a Service Desk Team Leader at CSC, followed by Head of IT at National Australian Bank and Head of Global IT at Sirtex Medical Limited. “I’ve been extraordinarily lucky; I've come across a range of industries now, from the property sector to the medical device industry, financial services and mining. Therefore, I’ve had a great opportunity to not only understand IT but gain a lot of experience too, particularly when it comes to solving problems.”

Having joined Acumentis in 2018 whilst its exciting expansion was fully underway, Ulrick, wanted to capture the energy and sense of urgency permeating the atmosphere in his approach to digital transformation. Placing an immediate focus on increasing efficiencies and driving the revitalisation of legacy systems, Ulrick was determined to bring the company fully into the digital era. “Acumentis is one core platform; one core brand with multiple combined services, which share the same data across the group and allow us to gain real insights about our customers and make informed decisions,” he explains. “We had to build smart-tech solutions to replace slow and sometimes ancient business processes.”

Always ready for a fresh, new challenge, Ulrick declared that “it was nice getting stuck into a nice, big, juicy project like [Project One]. Project One was part of our rebrand development to transform the company into a cutting-edge platform. The business made a decision to transform because it wasn't sustainable to maintain the many systems we had under different contracts and arrangements previously.”

Remaining a visionary when considering the Acumentis’ future, Ulrick is quick to intimate that further expansion within Australia remains a high priority, particularly with regards to overcoming the geographical challenge of serving such a large country effectively. “We will continue to expand and invest in our people and clients, in order to understand what problems they're having and how we can solve them,” he concludes. “Our transformation has been a combination of digital, culture and branding: we have a new brand that has been informed and shaped by our team and it reflects the culture of this business.



“We will continue to expand and invest in our people and clients, in order to understand what problems they're having and how we can solve them.”

Craig Ulrick | CIO

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