Eugene Danilkis CEO and co-founder Mambu, on the fintech era

Danilkis describes how Mambu’s unique SaaS banking platform is accommodating the evolving needs of modern banking

Eugene Danilkis

CEO and Co-Founder

“I always had a passion for combining my interest in technology with something a little bit more broad,” explains Eugene Danilkis, CEO and co-founder. “I wanted to figure out the way people interact with technology and how that information could be employed to design a great user experience, injecting technology in the right parts of the journey.” A computer science major and genuinely passionate about how technology interacts with people, Danilkis gained experience first as a programmer and then as a team lead. It was while working in an interdisciplinary programme at Carnegie Mellon University combining tech design, business and psychology that he determined the value a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform could have in the finance sector. “We realised that giving organisations anywhere in the world a platform upon which they can build and create financial products and digital experiences would have a massive impact.” 

What resulted was Mambu: the world’s leading cloud-native SaaS banking platform, designed to lay the tech infrastructure required for organisations operating in the modern era. Enabling clients to own and focus on the customer experience aspect of their business instead of the technical, the company offers a unique and personalisable opportunity for banks to upgrade rapidly. “You can configure the platform without having to get developers to customise the application, as you would with a lot of legacy systems,” says Danilkis. “That has a tremendous benefit on the business side; it means if you want to, let’s say, change how your financial products behave, or how you capture customer data, you don't need to go into the nitty gritty of the code.” Because Mambu maintains and manages the entire infrastructure, including security, the ease of delivery is akin to a subscription service, one where continuous streams of updates are layered in such a way that doesn’t disrupt the end-user’s business. “Effectively, our customers don’t need to invest massive amounts into the projects upfront; they pay for the service as they go, with the option to pay varied amounts for different elements.”

Undeterred by COVID-19, Danilkis is confident that 2021 will be an exciting year for banking and particularly for Mambu. With new product launches and initiatives on the horizon, he anticipates that the company will be able to expand deeper into the markets it currently serves and prepare for launching exciting new services. However, it is the change happening within the industry itself that excites Danilkis the most: a new, digitally-augmented vision of finance is emerging, one which places Mambu at the epicentre of modern banking. Not regarding fintech merely as an industry, he declares that it could actually be considered more as an era, “Fintech is the age that we're living in,” he concludes. “I think this decade will be a time when tech companies become critical business partners for how financial services companies are designed and built.” 

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I wanted to figure out the way people interact with technology and how that information could be employed to design a great user experience

Eugene Danilkis | Mambu