Well-travelled CEO with a strong digital background

Bryan Carroll, CEO TNEX, explains how Vietnam’s first digital bank will connect 40 million ‘unbanked’ consumers with numerable small merchants

Bryan Carroll

CEO TNEX Vietnam

Bryan Carroll has extensive banking experience in Europe, Russia, Middle East, US and Asia, working at Rabobank International, Alfa-Bank Russia, Bank of Ireland, Royal Bank of Scotland, MSB Bank Vietnam, First Abu Dhabi Bank and Ernst & Young among others.

The affable Irishman started his digital career in 1994 and over the years has received industry recognition for the expansion of Digital Only Banking, Digital Transformation, Data Science, Digital Marketing, InfoSec and Enterprise Architecture.

He is equally passionate about banking and digital and inspiring teams to achieve shared success and the satisfaction and rewards that accompany it.

Carroll is a regular speaker at international conferences and industry webinars on topics including Digital Culture, Leadership, Fintech, Digital Transformation and Innovation and has delivered guest lectures to a number of universities. 

“I fundamentally believe that banking can be a force for good. Our business model is created on lifetime value, putting forward ethics and trust, and we’ve invested a lot in data protection and security – we’re trading on our openness.”

Carroll runs the business on two core principles - he firmly believes that best ideas must win and those ideas often come from the most junior of our staff.

During the pre-launch phases of TNEX, IT didn’t talk to marketing – it was all very siloed, but he has helped boost collaboration and teamwork.



At this time the vast majority of traditional banks don’t want my customers as they cannot profitably serve their needs with their current technology debt and traditional operating models.

Bryan Carroll | TNEX

“We’re very open and spend a lot of time on values. The most important aspect is the people and how they work. The way we treat each other is how we’re going to treat our customers.”

As someone who has run an impressive 67 marathons, Carroll knows all about the importance of putting in the hard yards, be it on the road or behind the desk of a start-up digital bank. “The training sucks but when you get to the end, it’s great.”

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