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Alipay to be accepted by more UK retailers following Barclaycard deal

Alibaba's Alipay has partnered with Barclaycard for UK retail.

Chinese epayment giant Alipay has partnered with UK payments provider Barclaycard to allow more retailers in the UK to accept payment via the app.

Barclaycard will offer software to stores across the UK to update existing point-of-sale systems so Alipay can be supported, without the need for additional tools.

With Chinese tourists to the UK expected to spend around £1bn this year, it’s vital that this popular payment method can be integrated quickly and easily instore. Alipay has more than 500mn users who could stand to benefit from this infrastructure if they choose to travel to the UK.


Rob Cameron, Global Head of Payment Acceptance at Barclaycard, commented: “Thanks to the significant investments we’ve made in our platform, our clients have access to a growing range of payment types, each of which can help them increase market share by meeting the needs of new customers.

“Our new agreement with Alipay gives retailers a vital tool to help them seize the revenue opportunity posed by the growth of Chinese visitors to the UK. At the same time, Alipay users will benefit from a more convenient and familiar instore payments process – enhancing their overall shopping experience.”