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Google Pay expands to Switzerland

Google Pay will launch in Switzerland to compete with Apple and Samsung.

Google Pay has announced it will now be available in Switzerland.

The payments arm of the tech giant will add the country to its list of available markets and will compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Samsung’s payments solutions have been available in Switzerland for a year, while Apple Pay has been in the country for almost two years.

Google Pay will be rolled out to customers of Cornèrcard, Bonuscard, Swiss Bankers, Revolut and boon.


Android users will now be able to pay via mobile within shops as well as online.

Switzerland is a notoriously challenging market for cashless payment solutions, as Swiss consumers tend to use cash more often and the Swiss Competition Commission has previously investigated the impact of payment apps, such as those offered by Apple and Samsung, on the local market.

This was especially with protecting the interests of the main local competitor, Twint, in mind. Twint is known as ‘Switzerland’s digital wallet’ and works with major banks such as UBS.