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Paytm launches credit score check facility

Paytm will rival Alibaba with its new in-app facility.

Digital payments company Paytm has added a function to its app which enabled users to check their credit score.

Users will be able to receive a detailed credit report via email, which will offer information on credit use and repayment history. It will also allow people to view their active credit card and loan accounts.


Paytm’s customers will also benefit from advice on how they can look to improve their credit score, thanks to the app.

Paytm, one of India’s leading payment platforms, set up a subsidiary in March 2017 called Paytm Financial Services.

Another company offering a similar credit score service is Alibaba, with Ant Financial’s Sesame Credit allowing SMEs and private customers to access similar information. Sesame launched in 2015 and as such, Paytm is keen to keep up with the Asian payments behemoth.