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As Uber, BBVA and Mastercard launch debit card, cash payments remain ‘constitutional right’

Uber, BBVA and Mastercard have launched a new debit card for drivers in Mexico.

While Uber has announced that drivers in Mexico will have access to a special debit card, the business’ general manager has said cash payments won’t be disappearing any time soon.  

It was reported by Reuters yesterday that disruptive ride-hailing giant Uber Technologies is partnering with payment solutions provider Mastercard and Spanish banking group BBVA to launch a new debit card.

The card will be specifically for Uber drivers in Mexico, and will not charge any commission for use, according to Carlos Lopez-Moctezuma, head of open banking at BBVA. This is the first time a debit card will be issued by Uber outside of the US.


Frederico Ranero, general manager at Uber Mexico said: “Uber supports the extension of financial services in the country.”

However, he was quick to add that cash payments will still be an option, saying that paying with and accepting cash remains “a constitutional right” for drivers and riders in Mexico. Therefore, the payment option is only set to increase choice for drivers and consumers.

The card will be rolled out at first across six cities – Mexico City, Tijuana, Monterrey, Puebla, Merida and Guadalajara – before expanding across the nation.