Listen Now: The Fintech Podcast with Christian Spaltenstein

FinTech Magazine meets Managing Director, Americas at AFEX, Christian Spaltenstein.

|Aug 21|magazine3 min read

The Managing Director of Americas at one of today's largest privately owned non-banking providers of global payment services, we are joined by Christian Spaltenstein from AFEX. Originally from Switzerland, Christian has taken America's FinTech space by storm, working in the financial sector for over 20 years. He holds an MBA from Zurich Institute of Business Education and an AMP from the University of Pennsylvania. 


Joining AFEX in 2009, he moved from his position of General Manager, Switzerland at Travelex Global Business Payments to take up the role of Regional Manager and Member of the Board, Switzerland. Throughout his almost 11 years at AFEX, he has risen through positions, now holding Managing Director of Americas.

In this week’s episode, he talks to us about the importance of blockchain, what the future holds for the FinTech sector and agile thinking in the current landscape.

About AFEX

Founded back in 1979, AFEX is a non-banking provider of global payments and risk management solutions. Partnered with over 35,000 individuals and businesses globally, it assists clients in processing payments across 180+ countries every day. With an extensive range of tools available to clients including AFEXDirect, the company’s online payment platform, and 24/7 access to the AX market, AFEX makes it easy and efficient to stay in control of payments. Its broad relationships with various banks give it the edge to allow clients to make cross border payments to over 100 different currencies worldwide. For more information on AFEX, visit afex.com

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