Top 10 challenger banks and fintechs

Matt High
|Feb 26|magazine2 min read

10. Holvi (BBVA)

BBVA-backed fintech, Holvi is a payment service launched in 2011, designed for freelancers and entrepreneurs. The platform provides financial management tools as well as a business account to help these individuals better manage their funds. The FinTech is headed by CEO AJ Suominen, whom you may recognise from a number of other institutions such as Nokia, Habbo Hotel and Sulake. 

Holvi has recently announced that it will be expanding into the UK. Suominen had this to say: “[The UK]  is the biggest sole trader market in Europe. There are nearly 6m small businesses and three-quarters of those have no employees, i.e. they are one-person operations. If you want to make it big in Europe in this area you have to be in the UK at some point.”

HQ: Helsinki, Finland